Garuda Burglar Alarm Systems

Garuda Secure Technologies Private Limited is bringing for the first time in India advanced Burglar Alarm systems which can be used for homes/offices/shops etc. These come with state of art never heard of features.


A revolutionary designed Burglar Alarm system, which uses the GSM systems for communicating first time in India.

With 32 Zones, Automatic Code Learning technology. Message Composing facility, External Siren.



Latest Design with 32 Zones (incl. 8 wired zones). LCD Display, Automatic Code Learning Technology, History Record with Time stamp, Home appliance switching facility (Optional). Individual Arm/disarm of each Zone.

Fixed Time Automatic arm/disarm facility. Built in Key Board Alarm Time can be set, External Siren.



Compact 16 Zones. LED Display, Automatic Code Learning Technology, Home appliance switching facility. Built in Key Board, Alarm Time can be set, Built in Siren.



Beautifully designed 32 Zone, LED Display, Built in Siren, Fixed Code, Built in Key Board, Alarm Time can be set.


GBA -8-Economy

Most Economical, 8 Zones, Built in Mini Siren, Fixed Code, Programming through telephones, Suitable for small shops & Houses.



Door Magnetic Sensor

It consists of transmitter and magnetic part, it is used to detect door, window, or drawer when it is opened or removed.

12Volt battery included for 3months, it can be fixed by adhesive or screws.

Passive Infrared Sensor (Roof)

Excellent catch performance and very good false alarm Immunity, temperature compensation two nos of 1.5Volt alkaline battery included.

Ultra safe power for 2 year, two  activated, 360 detecting angle, Covering diameter 4.8-8m - 10 C to 55 C working temperature.

Passive Infrared Sensor (WideAngled)

Detecting Human's motion and body's temperature. 3Volt alkaline battery inclueded.

Detecting angle rangehorizontal 110, vertical 60, detecting distance 8-12m.-5 C to 55 C working temperature.


Passive Infrared Sensor (Curtain)

Detecting Human's motion and body's temperature. 3Volt alkaline battery included.

Detecting angle rangehorizontal thickness20m, vertical 60, detecting distance 8-12m.-5 C to 55 C working temperature.


Passive Infrared Sensor (Pet Immune)

10Kgs Pet Immunity, temperature compensation horizontal detecting angle 100 , vertical 60 , covering 8-12m.-10 C to 55 C working temperature.



Gas Leak Sensors

It can be used independently to alarm, or can be used with the system to send the sign to the main panel.

Self-detecting, working temperature - 10 C to 45 C


Microcomputer chips

All our Burglar Alarm Systems use Microcomputer chip sets to give you a state of art & reliable system, having the best features. These are all manufactured in state of art factories.


All our Burglar Alarm System uses the state of art wireless technology. So now no hassles of wires running all around your place. Our systems use double numeral coding technology to see that there is no interference even if ten thousands of users use the seats Simultaneously at any given place. These systems have high sensitivity & high anti interference.

No Problem if you do not have a wired phone

Most of the burglar alarm systems currently available in the market in India use the wired telephone network to communicate.

We are, for the first time in India, introducing a model that does not require a wired telephone line. It operates with GSM (Mobile technology)! So if you do not have a landline or you want to install one in your farmhouse we have the solution.

Easy arming & disarming through remote

Our System comes with remote, which helps, in easy arming and disarming of the system by just pushing a button. Not only that it does not require any time lag to be left for activating the system so there is no time lag in triggering the alarm.

Arming & disarming from anywhere in the world

Our system can be armed and disarmed from any where in the world by just giving a call to the Alarm Host number. You can even listen to the host room sound any time and also trigger the Siren if you feel something in wrong.

Password Protection

All our systems come with password protection. These passwords can be reset by the user.

Automatic Dialing Facility

It has the ability to dial up automatically preset telephone numbers. it keeps on dialing till any one of the preset number acknowledges the alarm by pressing preset telephone keys.

Message Recording Facility

All the systems have a message recording facility which it transmits in case of emergency to the preset telephone number.

Battery Back Up

All our systems have power backup battery built in with automatic switching facility.

Infrared Detector Arming Disarming:

All our systems have the facility to arm and disarm infrared separately. So you can arm the system but disarm infrared, if you think so, when you are within the home/office/shop.

Anti telephone Wire cutting

All our systems running in wired phone have anti-wire cutting alarm. So in case the telephone wire is cut by anybody then the alarm gets activated and the Siren starts hooting.

Shutter Sensors

These are useful in fitting on rolling shutters. Useful especially in Shops and Garages. On detecting any movement in the shutter it alarms the host wirelessly.

Vibration Sensors

Vibration Sensors are designed to detect vibrations. These are useful for fixing on the window frames. These are able to detect any attempt to cut the grills or glass.

Panic Button

Panic button, which is designed to protect children, patients, elderly people, clerk, cashier, for urgent help when they are in trouble condition. When the panic button is pressed, it will send signal to main panel and activate alarm system immediately.

Wireless Signal Repeater

Wireless Signal Repeaters are used where because of either the size or the specific working condition there is a requirement to increase the level of the signals. These are useful in increasing the range up to 800m.

Remote Control

This is used to arm / disarm the system. Panic Button & special PIR on / off switch available.

Disclaimer. All pictures in the catalogue are for reference only. Due to continuous technological upgradation the features and specified are subject to change without any prior notice.



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