Smart Card / Access Control & Work Flow Management for Clubs



  • Control on Usage of Facilities
  • Debit of Charges for Usage of Facilities
  • Credit limit Management
  • Statistics on Usage Of Facilities
  • Online Accounting
  • Automatic Billing/Printing
  • Periodical Report Generation
  • Emailing of Dues/ Credits

Control on Usage of Facilities

  • Online System
    Each Club Building/ facility to have a Computer which can be networked through wireless LAN and smart card reader can be connected to computers placed in these locations.
  • Offline
    POS hand held terminals can also be used in place of Computers and data updated by downloading the data at the server by the end of the shift/day.
  • Smart Card
    Each Member to be given a Smart Card – Dependent members can also be given cards- Currency Loading / Credit Limits Possible.

    Every time a facility is used the member is to present the smart card to the attendant who can insert the same in the smart card reader. The user can be made to either sign the printer output or to insert his password as a form of signature for confirming his usage of the facility and agreeing to debiting of his account

  • Restrict Usage
    The facilities usage can be restricted to class of members
  • Advance Booking
    Facility can be booked in advance by members even through online
    Queuing of members for any facility.
  • Non Continuous Usage
    Non allowing of continuous booking/usage of facility by members except under supervisor approval

Immediate Billing

  • Usage Charges Debit: Immediately on usage of limit the usage charges will get debited and the card can be made to reflect the current balance.
  • Credit Limit can be fixed for different class of members and monitored


  • Updated Accounts
    Immediately on usage ( in case of online) or at the end of the day ( In case of end of the day) the account would get updated
  • Balance checking
    The balance in the smart card can reflect the current balance at any point of time and even the members can be given small thin smart card readers in which case they can see the currency balance or the credit amount
  • Online Statements
    Members can be assigned passwords so that they can view the balances and see statements online at any point of time from anywhere on the world through internet and get printouts
  • Email
    Members can be sent periodical statements /reminders online by mail

Other Utilities

  • Restaurant/ Bar Billing
    The same card can be used for restaurant/ bar billing through hand held terminals or through smart card readers attached to terminals( similar to credit card system)
  • Maintenance Charges Payment
    Members can pay their maintenance charges / other charges/ taxes by using the currency in the card or debit to their account
  • Transfer Credit
    Members can transfer currency/credit to their dependant’s card either by presenting their card or also through internet.
  • Usage Statistics
    Usage statistics can be generated to have on an understanding of the usage pattern and for improving the facilities.
  • General Identification Card
    Access to any particular area by any class of members can be restricted any time and the same card can be used as parking card/ or an identification device for use in any other facility also. The Guard can be able to see the photo of the person as stored online to match with the card holder. Even Biometric devices/ systems can be implemented through the smart card.

Hardware and Software Requirements

  • Computers
    At Central Area Server - P IV 1 GB RAM
    with Wireless Network HUB + smart card reader
    At Different Buildings - P IV 256 MB RAM
    with wireless network interface card + smart card reader
    Can have Handheld POS / Pocket Smart Card Readers instead of nodes

  • Printers
    As required
  • Cards
    Basic cards with NV RAM
  • Software
    To be provided after understanding the requirement

Disclaimer. All pictures in the catalogue are for reference only. Due to continuous technological upgradation the features and specified are subject to change without any prior notice.



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