At present there are three techniques in Smart Home system: Radio Frequency(RF), PLC, Bus. PLC products are easy to be interfered with Home appliance and request good application condition. Bus system need to set up cable and wire, the cost is very high. RF is the trend for the Smart home products and it is very easy to install and don’t need to set up additional cable and almost there is no request for application condition.

Take advantage of RF solutions that we offer. Our remote controlled products can control the lightings and home appliance easily. You can only pull out the old light switch and put in a new wireless one using the same active and switches active. You don’t need even neutral. You can setup 2-way switching between any switch! Add some remote controlled sockets and RF&IR transceivers and you can dim lights or control appliances too.

Take advantage of RF communication, create RF networking inside home, realize the individual control,centralized control and long-distance control for home appliance.

Smart Switch series

  • Wireless control on/off and dimming of the lighting
  • Remember the brightness of the light
  • Scene control.
  • Combine with telephone controller and networking controller, realize long-distance control.

A6ESA4ES - Smart Dimmer switch / Smart Relay switch

  • The frequency for RF is 315MHZ or 433.92MHZ
  • The control distance is about 30 meters indoor
  • Support at most 5A each gang
  • Fire-resistant


Smart SocketSmart Socket Series

  • Remote control or manual control
  • Combine with remote controller and smart Touch panel, realize the smart control and long-distance control for lightings and home appliances.
  • Support at most 13A
  • The frequency for RF is 315MHZ or 433.92MHZ
  • The control distance is about 30 meters indoor
  • Fire-resistant


Scene Remote ControllerScene Remote controller

  • Remote each switches or sockets installed in the house
  • Setup at most six scenes,eg:cimema Mode,party mode,
  • Goodnight mode,all off mode etc


RF&IR Remote ControllerRF&IR Remote controller

  • Control at most five kinds of IR home appliances by learning
  • Control the switch, socket,curtain
  • Adjust the brightness of the light
  • Scene control
  • Indicate time and room temperature

Telephone Long Distance ControllerTelephone Long-distance controller

  • Long-distance control the home appliance by telephone.
  • Long-distance control on/off of the lightings
  • Operation as per voice instruction

Smart Touch PanelSmart Touch Panel

  • Touch panel is the smart control center which will provide enhanced enjoyment of smart house.
  • It is also the public connection centre for Home appliance and long-distance appliance.
  • Main functions:
    • Lightings and Home appliances control by touch screen
    • Remote controlled by internet
    • Security center of the house
    • Video intercom through VOIP.
    • Leaving video and message …

Video IntercomVideo Intercom

  • Video Intercom for visitor & owner
  • Each house can communicate with each other
  • Unlock the door for the visitor
  • Intercom between Owner & Center
  • Leaving the video and message when the owner is not at home.
  • VOIP based


Disclaimer. All pictures in the catalogue are for reference only. Due to continuous technological upgradation the features and specified are subject to change without any prior notice.



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